About Us

Hey there! We are Nifty Brand player supply company and we’re creating a bold new line of apparel and accessories specifically geared toward the lifestyle of hockey players, fans and fanatics. A brand born out of a love for the game!

This is who we are and what we do

At the young ages of 11 and 9, Alyssa and Isaiah Martinez had an idea to create cool Tee shirts to help pay the high cost for the two of them to continue to play hockey. So with a lot of thought and a little help from dad, in 2012 niftybrand™ was born, and the first “playoff beard” Tee shirt rolled off the presses.

Today Alyssa and Isaiah are striving to capture and represent the unique qualities and creative style found in the hockey culture by designing stylish apparel, functional accessories and gear to fit the lifestyle of hockey players, fans and fanatics across the globe.

Because it’s more than just a game

Hockey is more than just a game… It’s LIFE!  Hockey teaches us to get up more than we fall down.  It teaches us how to dig deep and make something happen, even when everyone has counted us out.  It engrains an unparalleled work ethic that allows us to succeed beyond our wildest dreams.

We are working hard to be more than just a apparel company. We want to make a difference by helping grow the sport that we love through greater awareness. Whether it’s on a pond, sport court or in an arena surrounded by 20,000 fan-atics, hockey is the greatest sport on earth.  NiftyBrand™. We are hockey!