Rink Rats

Join the Nifty Rink Rat Street Team


They help get the word out about the Nifty Brand movement and bring a greater awareness to the sport of hockey through word of mouth, social media networking, sticker, button and swag distribution, event promotion, self/brand advertising.

Rink Rats are first to know the low down on Nifty Brand, events, activities and new product releases. They also get exclusive special discounts on niftybrand gear. Once approved to be a Rink Rat, you will be able to join the fun and interact with fellow Rink Rats. Work hard on the weekly tasks and stay active, you can get hooked up with some cool niftybrand items. Top Rink Rats will earn the title “The big cheese” and be featured on our blog for their hard work.
Send us an email with the subject reading “Rink Rat” with your Full Name, Birthdate, Phone#, Email, Address, Facebook Profile URL. (If you are under 18 you must get permission from your parents before you submit any info. Parent Phone# and Email address are required.. We will check to verify) Fill out the form completely and let us know why you want to be a Nifty Rink Rat and how you would be a great fit on our team!
You will be notified with an email if you are approved to help represent Nifty Brand.

Rink Rat Input

As a Nifty Rink Rat, your opinion is very important to us. Since you are on the front line you will know first hand what your friends and peers are looking for, so your ideas and suggestions could score you more free gear and some cash. So go out and spread the word and help Nifty Brand and the sport of hockey grow.

Other Skills?

We are always looking for talented and passionated people.

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